"The Sun graciously let me have a peek at it this morning.
With its mystic rays, only a glimpse could I have. I dared not gaze. Its brilliant rays are too strong for eyes to view.”

"Blessed again by a visit from a cardinal perched on a tree and a robin orange breast landed on the rocks beneath that tree. I am truly blessed with gifts such as these.”


This website is meant to connect with those who are interested in learning and sharing information about holistic wellness for ones body, spirit/speech and mind. The title is named after the book, “Moments in Time - A Gift: A Progression of Human Development in Spirituality.” The goal is that this forum will be a vehicle to provide, share, and explore insightful information relative to fundamental truths that can enhance ones spirituality through personal awareness. As such, clarity of purpose and what is needed to actualize beneficial outcomes wisely can be realized.

We are all interconnected. As such, we are all teachers. Therefore, we hope to connect with you through various means of communication, including dialogue and conversation. Hopefully, with our commonalities, our similarities and, yes, our differences, we can explore some basic fundamental truths about our own identities together. Don’t you agree that there its a need for positive outcomes in this life, the world? We can make it happen for ourselves and others by coming together with a common cause such as freedom from the pitfalls of samsara - the delusions that come from not knowing the truth about suffering, its origin and how to overcome attachment to it.

So come along with us. Explore the value of the gift of giving. Gifts are all around us. Some we like and some we don’t like. Do you agree? We want to forge a partnership with you, understanding that moments in time are gifts. We do not want to waste the opportunity to share enrichment possibilities that can come with them. With that said, we welcome and encourage the sharing of information about relevant topics/themes. If warranted, we will update them as they are presented where possible.

“To forgive is cleansing. To love and be loved is good medicine. Let us co-exist together in peace and harmony” with loving kindness, compassion and goodwill.



We want to help you be who you are meant to be and/or enhance who you are now relative to holistic wellness (body, speech, spirit, mind).



Reiki is an energy healing system that originated from the east and in most instances is administered with hands.



A collection of Reiki news, articles, inspirations, and, discussions

Reiki Plus more was originally conceived with the idea that the administration of agenda items are based on a train-the-trainer concept whereby the teaching is lead by a senior Reiki Master Teacher with an assistant or assistants who have completed all three levels of Reiki with Reiki Plus More, thus achieving the status of Reiki Master Teachers. Where applicable, classes are taught by one Reiki Master Teacher.